Abolfazl Simorgh: “Hydrogen propulsion would need additional studies on emissions and their impact”

The paper “A Comprehensive Survey on Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning” aims to study different ways to mitigate the impact of aviation on climate change. To know more about this, we have interviewed the main writer, Abolfazl Simorgh.

Raúl Quibén joins the team of Hydrogenating CM-UC3M

My goal at Hydrogenating is to help constructing the tools and solutions that the world is demanding for the future of aerospace mobility: smarter, more efficient and greener. Raúl has recently started his PhD at the Carlos III University of Madrid with a research focused on multidisciplinary optimization of H2 aircraft design and operations with anContinue reading “Raúl Quibén joins the team of Hydrogenating CM-UC3M”

Welcome to Hydrogenating CM-UC3M

Hydrogenating CM-UC3M is a project funded by the Comunidad de Madrid and led by a research group from the Carlos III of Madrid University. With this website we start communicating our scientific progress related to the adoption of new energy sources in the field of aviation. The aviation sector needs to make substantial changes inContinue reading “Welcome to Hydrogenating CM-UC3M”